Dr. Thiendella Diagne looks forward to welcoming your new baby into the world. As an experienced  OB/GYN in McAllen/Edinburg and also serving the Greater Rio Grande Valley area, you can be assured continuous care from one doctor throughout your entire pregnancy except for vacations and continuous medical education.

Dr. Diagne will be with you from preconception planning to prenatal care to monitoring fetal development and ensuring a safe delivery. In addition, Dr. Diagne takes the time to get to know you personally, so that you feel comfortable with him. He provides individualized care for all his patients and will listen to and respect your wishes regarding your childbirth preferences.

Dr. Diagne practices and delivers babies exclusively at the hospital of choice as long as it is mutually convenient for the two of you at the time of delivery, he consults with a MFM/perinatologist when necessary. You can be confident that you and your baby will receive the most advanced medical care at all times.

Dr. Diagne provides the following obstetric services:

  • Pregnancy and Prenatal Counseling
  • Prenatal Care
  • Routine Ultrasound
  • Normal and High-Risk Pregnancy Care, including Multiple Births
  • Vaginal Births and Vaginal Birth after Cesarean sections
  • Family Centered Cesarean Delivery (C-section)
  • In-office Lab Work

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